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Recursive.hs2002-10-23 00:03 308
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Statistics.hs2004-01-22 01:57 1.3K
UTF8.hs2009-01-04 11:18 1.2K
UTF8Util.hs2002-03-11 01:45 535
Unlit.hs2005-04-01 01:30 4.5K
Extensible Haskell front-end for the Programatica projects - directory base/parse2

Extensible Haskell front-end for the Programatica projects

What is in this directory (base/lib)

This directory contains modules containing general utilities and data structures, most of which has nothing to do with the implementation of a Haskell front-end. One exception is the module Unlit.

Module Purpose
MUtils Thomas' misc utilities, defines some essential combinators, sadly missing from the Haskell 98 libraries
Lists List functions missing from the Haskell 98 List module.
NewSCC A function computing strongly connected components. (It is used in the module system and the type checker.)
UTF8 Functions for dealing with the UTF-8 encoding of Unicode text, borrowed from HBC. Current Haskell implementations do not support Unicode very well...
UTF8Util Additional UTF-8 utilities.
AbstractIO Classes to abstract away from the monolithic IO monad.
Unlit Implements the translation from literate style Haskell to normal Haskell source code.
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