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What is in this directory (hs2alfa)

This directory contains the translator from Haskell to Alfa, which is built on top of the PFE framework and parts of Alfa.

By running make you can create apfe, a command line tool that has all the functionality of the PFE framework, plus the ability to translate Haskell files to Alfa files.

There are also two (obsolete) test programs that don't depend on the PFE framework: tstHs2Alfa (for the base language, Haskell 98) and tstProp2Alfa (for Hasell 98 + property declarations). They can be compiled with make progamname.

The code compiles with GHC, provided that the directory AlfaSource, containing certain modules from Alfa, is present (get alfaforpfe.tar.gz and unpack it in this directory).


The translator is work in progress (as everything else here). It does handle The translator does not yet (fully) support Other problems: The translator can translate P-logic predicate definitions and property assertions, but

The subdirectory tests contains sample Haskell modules that the translator can translate. (There are also some test files in this directory.)

Author: Thomas Hallgren
Contact: TH