Plain source file: hi/libs/HugsLibraries/Char.hs (2003-11-28)

Char is imported by: HsName, TiNames, Statistics, Unlit, LexUtil, HsLex, SourceNames, Prop2Alfa, HLex2html, MyDoc, ParseMyDoc, PfeParse, IsabelleDecl, IsabelleTerm, Mixfix, BaseStruct2Isabelle, OneLineAttrs, ParseAttrs.

module Char (
    isAscii, isLatin1, isControl, isPrint, isSpace, isUpper, isLower, 
    isAlpha, isDigit, isOctDigit, isHexDigit, isAlphaNum, 
    digitToInt, intToDigit,
    toUpper, toLower,
    ord, chr,
    readLitChar, showLitChar, lexLitChar,

-- ...and what the Prelude exports
    Char, String
  ) where

import Data.Char


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