Plain source file: hi/libs/HugsLibraries/List.hs (2003-11-28)

List is imported by: HsModule, HsName, CheckModules, SCMs, TiBase, TiClassInst, TiClassInst2, TiContextReduction, TiDecorate, TiDerivedInstances, TiDkc, TiDs, TiFunDeps, TiGeneralize, TiModule, TiNameMaps, TiTypes, Unification, FreeNames, FreeNamesBaseStruct, ScopeModule, DirUtils, Lists, MUtils, SimpleGraphs, Statistics, HsLexMerge, HsLexerPass1, PPU, FieldSelectors, UFree, UMatch, BaseStruct2Alfa, PfeAlfaCmds, ParseMyDoc, PFE0, PFE2, PFE4, PFE_StdNames, PFEdeps, Pfe0Cmds, Pfe4Cmds, PfeChase, PfeDepCmds, Mixfix, TiPropInstances, Attrs, CertServers, PfePropCmds, PropSyntaxRec, ToQC.

module List (
    elemIndex, elemIndices,
    find, findIndex, findIndices,
    nub, nubBy, delete, deleteBy, (\\), deleteFirstsBy,
    union, unionBy, intersect, intersectBy,
    intersperse, transpose, partition, group, groupBy,
    inits, tails, isPrefixOf, isSuffixOf,
    mapAccumL, mapAccumR,
    sort, sortBy, insert, insertBy, maximumBy, minimumBy,
    genericLength, genericTake, genericDrop,
    genericSplitAt, genericIndex, genericReplicate,
    zip4, zip5, zip6, zip7,
    zipWith4, zipWith5, zipWith6, zipWith7,
    unzip4, unzip5, unzip6, unzip7, unfoldr,

    -- ...and what the Prelude exports
    -- []((:), []), -- This is built-in syntax
    map, (++), concat, filter,
    head, last, tail, init, null, length, (!!),
    foldl, foldl1, scanl, scanl1, foldr, foldr1, scanr, scanr1,
    iterate, repeat, replicate, cycle,
    take, drop, splitAt, takeWhile, dropWhile, span, break,
    lines, words, unlines, unwords, reverse, and, or,
    any, all, elem, notElem, lookup,
    sum, product, maximum, minimum, concatMap, 
    zip, zip3, zipWith, zipWith3, unzip, unzip3
  ) where

import Data.List hiding (foldl')


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