Plain source file: pfe/PFE_Rewrites.hs (2005-07-20)

PFE_Rewrites is imported by: PfeAlfaCmds, StrategoCmds, PFE4, Pfe4Cmds, IsabelleCmds.

Packaging some of the available source transformations as named rewrites.

module PFE_Rewrites(module PFE_Rewrites,module PFE_Rewrite,module PFE_StdNames)
import RemovePatBinds(remPats)
import RemoveListComp(rmAllListComp)
import SimpPatMatch(simpAllPatMatch,getSimpPatIds)
import SimpFunBind(simpAllFunBind)
import SimpFieldLabels(simpFieldLabels)
import PFE_Rewrite
import PFE_StdNames
import MUtils

pbRewrite = Rewrite "pb" (remPats # getPrelValue "error")
lcRewrite = Rewrite "lc" (rmAllListComp # getPrelValue "concatMap")
pmRewrite = Rewrite "pm" $ do stdName <- getStdNames
			      ids <- getSimpPatIds (prelValue stdName)
			      return (simpAllPatMatch ids.simpAllFunBind)
fbRewrite = Rewrite "fb" (return simpAllFunBind)
flRewrite = Rewrite "fl" (simpFieldLabels # getPrelValue "error")


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