Plain source file: property/parse2/PropLexer.hs (2005-10-11)

PropLexer is imported by: PPfeMain.

module PropLexer(module PropLexer{-,LexerFlags(..)-}) where
--import LexerOptions
import HsLexerPass1(lexerPass0,lexerPass0',startPos)
import HsTokens

This module defines the lexical analyser for the P-logic extension of Haskell.

Differences from the plain Haskell 98 lexical syntax:

pLexerPass0 plogic =
    if plogic
    then propLexerPass0
    else lexerPass0
    propLexerPass0 = propLexerPass0' startPos
    propLexerPass0' pos = concatMap plogicTokens . lexerPass0' pos

    plogicTokens t@(Varid,ps@(_,s)) =
      case s of
	"assert"   -> [(Reservedid,ps)]
	"property" -> [(Reservedid,ps)]
	_          -> [t]
    plogicTokens t@(NestedComment,ps@(p,'{':'-':'P':':':s)) =
        propLexerPass0' p (adjust s)
    plogicTokens t = [t]

    -- Replace the delimiting "{-P:" and "-}" with the same amount of space
    -- to preserve layout.
    adjust s = "    "++reverse ("  "++drop 2 (reverse s))


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