Plain source file: base/TI/TI.hs (2005-05-19)

TI is imported by: TiBase, TiClassInst, TiClassInst2, TiD, TiDecorate, TiDerivedInstances, TiDinst, TiDkc, TiDs, TiE, TiFields, TiLit, TiModule, TiP, TiRhs, TiT, BaseStruct2Alfa, PfeAlfaCmds, Prop2Alfa, PFE4, Pfe4Cmds, TiProp, TiPropDecorate, TiPropInstances, TiPropStruct.

-- This module collects the basic type inference machinery
module TI(module Ti) where
import TiClasses as Ti
import TiDefinedNames as Ti
import TiFreeNames  as Ti
import TiKinds as Ti
import TiMonad as Ti
import TiNames as Ti
import TiPretty as Ti
import TiTypes as Ti
import TiUtil as Ti
import TiGeneralize as Ti
import TiFresh as Ti
import PNT as Ti(PId)
-- more?


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