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Dependability through Dependent Types

(or Peek and Poke with Dependent Types)

Thomas Hallgren

SICS, 2008-10-21

(based on a ProgLog meeting talk, Chalmers, December 2006)

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How safe is House?

Uses GHC (the Glasgow Haskell Compiler)

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How safe is House?

Does the Haskell type system give us what we need?

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At the Machine Level...

Primitives for memory access

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Safety Through Abstraction

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Hardware Monad Examples

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SafeHouse: an experiment

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A Minimal Compiler and Run-Time System

Page 9

Compiler and run-time system

Based on the <ν,G> machine [2]

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An example

Hello world!

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Peek and Poke again

Primitives for memory access

Page 12

Abstraction for limited memory access

Page 13

Text screen buffer access (1)

Page 14

Text screen buffer access (2)

Using Predicate Based Subtyping

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Abstraction for displaying text

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Example of extended static checking

Displaying strings that fit on the screen

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Hello world!

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Future work?

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The End

Any more questions?

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