Plain source file: PM.hs (2005-02-11)

PM is imported by: CmdLineParser3, CmdLineParser4.

module PM(PM,tokenP,manyP,runPM) where
import Monad(liftM,MonadPlus(..),ap)
import Pretty

An implementation of fairly conventional monadic parsing combinators

This is fairly simple. There is a complication in the error to case get descent error messages.

On success, a parser function returns the result and the remaining input. On error, the parser function returns the list of acceptable tokens at the high water mark, and the remaining input.

newtype PM res =
   PM {unPM ::[String] -> Either ([String],[String]) (res,[String])}

runPM p args =
  case unPM p args of
    Right (r,[]) -> r
    Right (_,args) -> fail $ "Unrecognized arguments: "++unwords args
    Left (args,errs) ->
        fail $ ('\n':) $ render $
               text "Expected one of:"<+>fsep (map text errs)
               $$ (if null args then empty else text "Found: "<+>fsep (map text args))
               $$ text ""

instance Functor PM where fmap = liftM

instance Monad PM where
  fail s = PM $ \ args->Left (args,[s])
  return x = PM $ \args->Right (x,args)
  PM p1>>=xp2 = PM $ \ args->case p1 args of
			       Left err -> Left err
			       Right (x,args') -> unPM (xp2 x) args'

instance MonadPlus PM where
  mzero = fail "no parse" -- Hmm. Error message should say what was expected
  mplus (PM p1) (PM p2) =
    PM $ \ args -> case (p1 args,p2 args) of
		     (Right res,_) -> Right res
		     (r1@(Left (a1,errs1)),r2@(Left (a2,errs2))) ->
			 case compare (length a1) (length a2) of
                           LT -> r1
			   EQ -> Left (a1,errs1++errs2)
			   GT -> r2
		     (_,r2) -> r2

get = PM $ \ args -> Right (args,args)
set args = PM $ \ _ -> Right ((),args)

tokenP check errmsg =
    do args <- get
       case args of
	 a:as -> maybe (fail errmsg)
		       (\a->set as>>return a)
		       (check a)
	 [] -> fail errmsg

manyP p = ((:) `fmap` p `ap` manyP p) `mplus` return []


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