Compiling and installing the Tools from the Programatica project

What you need to compile the tools (2006)

You need Linux (or SunOS or FreeBSD or Mac OS X or something similar) (with the X Window system) and the following additional software and tools:

Regarding hardware requirements: we compile and test the tools under Linux on machines ranging from a 800MHz P-III laptop with 256MB RAM to a 1.9GHZ P4 servers with 2GB RAM. (To limit the amount of memory used by GHC (and programs compiled with GHC), you can set the environment variable GHCRTS to for example -M150M.)

How to compile and install the tools

The following command sequence should work:

  1. make
  2. make install
This will compile all of the code with optimization (ghc -O). You can replace the make step with make OPT= to turn off optimization. This will speed up compilation with a factor of ~4, but slow down the resulting tools by a factor of ~2.

The Makefile in this directory has the following useful targets:

all (this is the default)
This compiles pfe and pfebrowser. It also creates the bin/ and lib/ subdirectories containing a template of the things that get installed by make install.
This installs all the programs and library files. Use make PREFIX=... to control where things get installed.
creates a tar file containing the programs and the library files, allowing easy installation of them on another computer.
removes (almost all) automatically generated files.

Testing without installing

To test the tools without installing them first, add the bin/ subdirectory to your $PATH and set $PROGRAMATICA to point to the lib/Programatica subdirectory. (If you are using (t)csh, do source scripts/setEnv.csh from this directory. If you are using (ba)sh, do . scripts/