Thomas Hallgren

From July 5, 2001 to September 30, 2006, I was a Senior Research Associate at OGI. My primary responsibility was to support the Programatica project.

Before that, I worked at the Computing Science Department at Chalmers University of Technology. My Chalmers home page describes my activities there. I returned to Chalmers in November 2009.


Some papers and presentations

Peek and Poke with Dependent Types
Programatica meeting talk, January 27, 2006.
A Principled Approach to Operating System Construction in Haskell
A paper presented at ICFP 2005.
Command-line Parsing Combinators
Half-baked talk, February 11, 2005.
2004 Haskell Workshop
I was a member of the programme committee. Workshop Program.
Tuesday Seminar, 10 June, 2003.
Highlights from the Workshop on Termination and Type Theory,
Tuesday Seminar, 10 December, 2002.
The 2002 ICFP Programming Contest.
A Formal Specification of the Haskell 98 Module System,
2002 Haskell Workshop.
A Lexer for Haskell in Haskell,
presented at the Haskell Implementers Meeting, 14 January, 2002.


Thomas Hallgren
thomas+h at altocumulus dot org
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