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This little package contains two simple programs based on the Haskell lexer developed as part of the Programatica project: For more info, see the README file. The source code can be browsed below, or downloaded from hsutils-1.2.tar.gz.
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stripcomments - strip blank lines and comments from Haskell files.

layout - simple conversion of layout to explicit braces and semicolons


	stripcomments file_1 ... file_n
	layout file_1 ... file_n


stripcomments reads Haskell files named on the command line and strips
away comments and blank lines. Layout and syntactic correctness is
preserved. The result is sent to the standard output.

layout reads Haskell files named on the command line and outputs them
on stdout with the braces and semicolons implied by layout made
explicit. Comments and white space is preserved. (See also limitations

Files whose names end with '.lhs' are assumed to contain literate style
Haskell, other files are assumed to contain plain Haskell.


	cp stripcomments /usr/local/bin     # or some other suitable directory
	cp layout /usr/local/bin	    # or some other suitable directory


The Makefile assumes that a version of GHC that supports --make is
installed. GHC 5.02 or later is recommended. Be prepared that
Lexer/HsLex.hs takes a long time to compile.

The programs are implemented in pure Haskell 98, and can also be loaded
in Hugs 98.


The program layout does not support full Haskell 98 layout: it does
not implement the part that requires interaction with the parser. For
example, the program will not correctly translate

	let x=1 in x+x

but will correctly translate

	let x=1
	in x+x

Also, the program layout handles literate style Haskell files by converting
literate comments to ordinary nested comments. This can result in incorrect
code when literate comments contain "{-" or "-}".




1.2 Package renamed to hsutils and includes the program layout in addition
    to stripcomments.

1.1 Bug fix: avoid outputting a leading blank line for modules that start
             with one or more lines of whitespace

1.0 Initial release


Thomas Hallgren  http://www.cse.ogi.edu/~hallgren/

OGI School of Science & Engineering
Oregon Health & Science University