Programatica Tools

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The pfe-yymmdd-cpu-os.tar.gz files contain snapshots of the Programatica tools, compiled for the indicated cpu architecture and operating system. See Features and Programatica Tools Usage for a quick description of the tools.

To install the tools,

  1. download a snapshot from the list below,
  2. unpack it in /usr/local and
  3. make sure /usr/local/bin is in your $PATH.
(You can use /any/other/directory in place of /usr/local, but then you also need to set the variable $PROGRAMATICA to /any/other/directory/lib/Programatica.)

See also Getting the source code from CVS.

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ChangeLog2006-05-24 00:20 36K
HaskellSupport.framework.tar.gz2003-04-12 20:34 290K
HierarchicalLibs.tar.gz2005-11-07 23:36 324K
alfaforpfe.tar.gz2004-01-23 23:15 9.7K
pfe-051010-powerpc-macosx.tar.gz2005-10-12 00:07 6.0M
pfe-060523-i386-linux.tar.gz2006-05-24 00:33 5.9M