Plain source file: base/defs/ScopeModule.hs (2009-01-04)

ScopeModule is imported by: PFE3, PFE4, PFE_StdNames.

This module provides the function scopeModule which takes abstract syntax trees returned by the parser, where idientifers are annotated with the position they occurred at in the source file, and produces abstract syntax trees where the identifiers are annotated with the following extra information:

The type PNT is the type used for identifiers holding this extra tagging information.

(The function numberNames is responsible for making names unique. It currently uses source positions, but it could generate unique numbers instead, in which case the parser wouldn't have to provide any position information.)

module ScopeModule(scopeModule,XRefInfo,checkRefs,origName) where

import HsModule(hsModName)
import HsIdent(HsIdentI(..),getHSName,mapHsIdent)
import HsName(HsName,ModuleName)
import SrcLoc(SrcLoc,srcLoc)
import HasBaseName

import WorkModule(inscpList) --WorkModuleI,ExpRel,inScope,
import Relations(relToList)
import TypedIds--(IdTy(..),blankTypeInfo,namespace,belongsTo)
import NameMaps
import NumberNames(numberNames,PN(..),Orig(G),orig,origModule,eqSrc,optLoc,unique)
import PNT
import ScopeNames
import UniqueNames(optOrigModule)
--import SourceNames(srcName,SN)

import QualNames(getQualified,mkUnqual,mkQual)
import Ents(Ent(..))

import PrettyPrint

import OutputM
import EnvM
import List(partition,nub)
import Maybe(fromJust)
import MUtils(mapSnd)
import OpTypes(ordBy)
import FiniteMap

--import IOExts(trace) -- for debugging

scopeModule :: ... => ...
                   -> HsModuleI i (ds (SN HsName))
                   -> (HsModuleI i (ds PNT),[XRefInfo])
scopeModule (wm,exports) mod 
    = mergeOutputM -- merge now to avoid having to sort later
    . seqNames 
    . mapNames2 TopLevel (pickScope m envs HsVar, pickScope m envs HsCon)
    . addScope modenv
    . numberNames $ mod
    m = getBaseName (hsModName mod)
    modenv = topenv wm
    envs = (modenv,mapSnd (impenv.relToList) exports)

    mergeOutputM = foldOutput [] (:[]) merge'

    merge' xs [] = xs
    merge' [] ys = ys
    merge' xxs@(x:xs) yys@(y:ys) = if ordBy srcLoc' x y
				   then x:merge' xs yys
				   else y:merge' xxs ys

    srcLoc' (_,i,_) = srcLoc i

checkRefs :: [XRefInfo] -> [(SrcLoc,Doc)]
checkRefs = concatMap checkRef
    -- Exports and imports have already been checked by the module system code,
    -- so no need to check again. TODO: import specs are checked agains the
    -- environment...
    checkRef ((ExpEnt {},_),x,os) = []
    checkRef ((ImpEnt {},_),x,os) = []
    checkRef ((role,sp),x,os) =
      case os of
	[_] -> []
        [] -> [(srcLoc x,"not in scope:"<+>x)]
	_ -> [(srcLoc x,"ambiguous:"<+>x<+>ppiFTuple (map origname os))]
    origname (x,_) = origModule x<>"."<>getQualified x

--type Filter x y = FiniteMap x y->[y]

type SPName = (PName,ScopeFM)
type Scope = [(PIdent,IdTy PId)]
type ScopeFM = FiniteMap (HsIdentI HsName) Scope
type ImportScope = [(ModuleName,ScopeFM)]
type XRefInfo = ((Role (),NameSpace),PIdent,Scope)

pickScope :: ModuleName ->
             (ScopeFM,ImportScope) ->
	     Occurence SPName ->
	     SPName ->
	     OutputM XRefInfo PNT
pickScope m (modenv,ex) c (dctx,sp) (i,scope) =
     checkref . partition (isLocal.getHSName.fst) . nub . filterSame $ scope'
    scope' = case dctx of
	       ImpEnt m _ -> fromJust (lookup m ex)
	       _ -> scope

    filterSame =
      case dctx of
	{- This should implement the revised Haskell 98 scoping rules for
	   instance declarations and subordinate names in imports/exports.-}
	Def (Instance (cl,_)) -> filterSameSub cl
	ExpEnt (Just (i,_))   -> filterSameSub i
	ImpEnt m (Just (i,_)) -> filterSameSub i
	FieldLabel            -> filter isField . filterSameNormal
	Sig TopLevel	      -> filterSameModule
	Use                   -> filter notLogic . filterSameNormal
	_                     -> filterSameNormal

    filterSameNormal env =
       -- i' `eqSrc` c i &amp;&amp; sp == namespace ity'
       [it|it@(i',ity')<-lookenv env (c i),sp==pnamespace ity']

    notLogic (_,Assertion) = False
    notLogic (_,Property)  = False
    notLogic _             = True

    filterSameModule = filter sameModule . filterSameNormal
      where sameModule (i,_) = optOrigModule i == Just m

    -- P-Logic: conids can refer to properties&amp;assertions in imports&amp;exports
    pnamespace = if isExpOrImp then impexpnamespace else namespace
        isExpOrImp =
          case dctx of
	    ExpEnt Nothing -> True
	    ImpEnt _ Nothing -> True
	    _ -> False
	impexpnamespace ity =
          case ity of
	    Assertion -> ClassOrTypeNames
	    Property -> ClassOrTypeNames
	    _ -> namespace ity

    filterSameSub i env = filtFM (sameSub env i) env
      where filtFM p = filter p . concat . eltsFM

    sameSub env iowner =
      case filter (isClassOrType.snd) $ lookenv env (HsCon iowner) of
	[(HsCon c,idty)] ->
	    case [orig s|s<-subs,s `eqSrc` n] of
	      [o] -> sameSub' o
	      [] -> --trace ("subordinate not found "++show (iowner,i,subs)) $
		    const False
	      _ -> --trace ("ambiguous subordinate name "++show (iowner,i,subs)) $
		   const False -- data/class with name duplications...
	    subs = subordinates idty
	    n = getQualified i -- i should be unqualified
	    sameSub' o (i,idty) = orig i==o && isSubordinate idty

	[] -> --trace ("not in scope "++show iowner) $
	      const False
	ents -> --trace ("ambiguous owner of subordinate names "++show (iowner,ents)) $
		const False

    isField (_,FieldOf {}) =  True
    isField _ = False

    isLocal (PN _ (G {})) = False
    isLocal _ = True -- hmm

    checkref (l:_,_) = ref [l] -- innermost binding, ambiguities not detected
    checkref (_,gs)  = ref (filterdefs gs)

    -- Defining occurences do not themselves conflict with imported names,
    -- except in instances, which aren't really defining occurences.
    filterdefs =
      case dctx of
	Def (Instance _) -> id
	Def _ -> filter ((==m).origModule.getHSName.fst)
	_ -> id

    ref is = output ((strip dctx,sp),c i,is) >>
	     case is of
	       [(oi,idty)] -> return (PNT (keepSrcName oi) idty (optLoc i))
	       _           -> return (PNT i (fakeidty sp) (optLoc i))
      where keepSrcName oi = PN (getBaseName i) (orig oi)

    -- To avoid recursive type:
    strip = fmap (const ())

    -- To avoid failing on references to ids not in scope
    fakeidty ValueNames = Value
    fakeidty ClassOrTypeNames = Type blankTypeInfo

addScope env m =
    --trace (show (hsModName m,wm)) $
    withEnv env (scopeNames extend m)
    --global (ni,idty) = (N i (G i),idty)
    --  where N i _ = getHSName ni
    --local (ni,idty) = (getHSName ni,idty)
    extend new old = extenv old (filter notoldtyvar (mapSnd conv new))
        --oldtyvars = [i|(HsVar i,Type {})&lt;-old]
        notoldtyvar (i@(HsVar _),Type {}) = null [()|(_,Type{})<-lookenv old i]
        notoldtyvar _ = True

    conv = fmap getQualified

envMap = extenv emptyFM
extenv env bs = addListToFM_C (flip (++)) -- innermost binding first in the list
			      [(getBaseName i,[it])|it@(i,_)<-bs]
lookenv env i = lookupWithDefaultFM env [] (getBaseName i)

--topenv :: WorkModuleI HsName Id -> [(HsIdentI (PName),IdTy (PId))]
topenv wm = envMap [(origIdent qn m i,origt m t)|(qn,Ent m i t)<-inscpList wm]
        origt m = fmap (osub m) 
        osub m n = origName n m n
	    -- This generates references to names not necessarily in scope...

impenv ::
  (Unique n, HasBaseName qn HsName, QualNames qn ModuleName n1,
   HasBaseName n ib) =>
  [(n1, Ent n)]
  -> FiniteMap (HsIdentI HsName) [(HsIdentI (PN HsName), IdTy (PN ib))]
impenv exprel =
    envMap [(origIdent (unq m n) m i,origt m t)|(n,Ent m i t)<-exprel]
    unq m n = mkUnqual n `asTypeOf` mkQual m n
                      -- ^ this eliminates an ambiguite that was accepted by GHC
    origt m = fmap (osub m) 
    osub m n = origName n m n

origIdent qn m = mapHsIdent (origName qn m)
origName qn m n = PN (getBaseName qn) (unique m n)
--origName qn m n = PN (getBaseName qn) (G m (getBaseName n))

--instance (Printable a,Printable b) => PrintableOp (a,b) where
--  ppiOp (x,y) = "`("&lt;>x&lt;>","&lt;>y&lt;>")`"

subordinates (Class _ ms) = {-map HsVar-} ms
subordinates (Type TypeInfo {constructors=cs,fields=fs}) =
  {-map HsVar-} fs++map ({-HsCon .-} conName) cs
subordinates _ = []


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