Programatica Tools

Getting the source code from CVS

See also the INSTALL page for info on how to compile and install the tools.

Anonymous CVS

The sources are available to the public by anonymous CVS under a BSD-like LICENSE. You can get a first copy by doing this
  1. cvs -d login
  2. Enter the password: cvs.
  3. cvs -d checkout programatica
and then update your copy with the latest changes with
cd programatica/tools
cvs -q update -Pd

It is also possible to browse the Programatica CVS repository.

CVS with write access for team members

Here is how you get your own copy of the files available in the tools directory.

To get a copy of the source the first time:

cvs -d checkout programatica/tools
This will create the directory programatica/tools.

To update your copy to the latest version of the source after this:

cd programatica/tools
cvs update -d -P