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Some recent version of the source is available for browsing via the links below. These files can be used freely under a BSD-like license (see LICENSE for details).

The directory index pages combine an automatically generated file index and a manually written README file describing the contents of the directory. The automatic index section reflects reality, but may also contain files/directories that are obsolete. The README section is more informative, but can at times be out-of-date.

There is also an HTML rendering of the source code, with syntax highlighting and hyperlinks from uses to definitions. (See the notes on the conversion tool.)

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Tools for the Programatica project

Tools for the Programatica project

This directory contains the sources for (some of) the tools implemented as part of the Programatica project.

This is all work in progress (including this documentation)!

What tools are provided?

See the Features and Usage pages for documentation of the main tools. There are also some additional tidbits lying around.

How to compile and install the tools

See the INSTALL page.


The code that has been actively developed recently is located in the following subdirectories, some of which contain additional README files:

base Extensible Haskell front-end and base language (Haskell 98) tools. There is a README file with further details.
pfe PFE - the preliminary front-end framework and command-line tools. There is a README file with further details.
pfe/Browser The Programatica Haskell Browser.
property Extension of the base language with P-logic property declarations, including a new parser and an extended type checker. (An awful lot of work for a small extension...)
hs2html Haskell to HTML translator. (Little extra work for a potentially useful tool.)
hs2alfa Haskell to Alfa translator.
hs2stratego Haskell to Stratego translator.
hsutils Small spin-off Haskell utility programs.
evman Files relating to evidence (certificate) management, in particular the command line tool cert and the implementation of the certificate servers.
scripts Various shell scripts, some of which are used in the build process.
bin, lib There are directores created by the Makefile to hold a template of things that get installed by make install. (See INSTALL.html).

Authors: various
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